Thursday, 5 January 2012

A Subjective History of 2011 in 23 Pictures

Looking hard at the world is an act of insubordination in the face of capitalist [sur]realism.
Please scroll down for a [con- sub- and para-] textual catalogue of affect, obsolescence and precarity. And against all odds, this.

Opening Soon
Newington, Edinburgh

Home Entertainment
Clapton, London

Fix My iPhone
Clerkenwell, London

Untitled (Vodaphone)
Finchley, London

They Playin Playstation Games (o2)
Seven Sisters, London

I'm Lovin' It 1
Seven Sisters, London

I'm Lovin' It 2
London Bridge Station, London

Jesus Loves You
Piccadilly, London

Fall In Love Not In Line (Be The Change)
St Paul's, London

Was The Rider Using Ear Phones?
Aldgate, London

I Can't Help Myself
Stamford Hill, London

I Must Not Use Facebook at Work
Chalk Farm, London

Follow Fashion, Spend Money
Tottenham, London

Mystery Prize £1.00
Hackney, London

Reduced to Clear
Hackney, London

R U Homeless?
Greenpoint, New York

Home/Back to Your Journey
35000 ft above the Atlantic Ocean

Find Your Way
Red Hook, New York

I've Done It, I've Undone It
(Sue Tompkins at) Frieze Art Fair, London

I Have Done My Duty
Hackney, London

He's Got To Go
Holborn, London

Haunt The Government
Shoreditch, London

Princes St, Edinburgh

Jesse Darling, 2012